Our Mission Statement

Community Housing Solutions (CHS) (formerly known as Lutheran Housing Corporation) is a private, Not for Profit organization formed in 1973 to assist low and moderate-income families in Cuyahoga County obtain and maintain decent, affordable housing. Through a variety of programs, CHS has provided services to thousands of Greater Cleveland residents, home owners and renters alike, in such areas as housing counseling, home repair, and tool loan.

Our Approach

CHS is committed to a holistic approach to help seniors age in place. Our HUD certified housing counselors assist with services ranging from budgetary counseling to financial literacy training. Pre-purchase, foreclosure prevention and property tax mitigation services are geared to a long term solution to staying within your means and financially preparing for the future. To complement Housing Counseling, City of Cleveland residents can borrow tools from our tool library to help residents maintain their home. For those repairs requiring professional help, our home repair program can assist qualified homeowners of owner occupied dwellings with minor home repairs. Some funding may be available from time to time to do more substantial repairs, though there are some special requirements and not all residents will qualify.